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In-Service Workshops

Miraflor & Associates offers a variety of in-service workshops that may be conducted at your facility or at an off-site location anywhere nationwide. In addition to our classic specialty workshops listed below, we can also customize a workshop tailored specifically for your organizational needs, either based on one of our regular seminar topics, or on just about any topic in managed health care or organizational management of your choice. These workshops are available for groups of 10 people or more.

ID # Workshop Title CEHs
A804 Enhancing Leadership Skills 4
B808 Success Strategies: Strengthening Self for a Positive Change 8
C803 Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Own Business 3
D806 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration 6
E806 Coping with Difficult People 6
F806 Medical Coding & Billing 6
G804 Sexual Harassment and the Evolution of Workplace Standards 4.5
H808 Performance Improvement Fundamentals 8
J808 Legal & Ethical Issues: Pitfalls & Prevention 8
K808 Case Management: Concepts, Techniques & Accountability 8
L808 Worker Compensation Case Management: Return to Work Strategies 8
M806 Discharge Planning Workshop 6
N806 Utilization Review: Focus on Basics 6

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Enhancing Leadership Skills

This hands-on course is targeted toward improving the leadership skills of health care managers in order to achieve and maintain continued success. Discussion topics include leadership values, roles, and effectiveness; personal and team goal setting; effective communication skills; and motivation and team building skills. A prominent part of this workshop is dedicated to group participation and role playing to reinforce skills and to identify potential problem areas for further development.

#A804     4 CEHs

Success Strategies: Strengthening Self for a Positive Change

With competition for jobs among health care professionals rising, one must learn to develop and maintain a superior professional image in order to stay ahead. This image can also impact both new and existing clients/patients in this time of intense competition among health care providers. This workshop explores many of the basic tools and techniques used to project an image of knowledge, vigor, and success to those around you. Topics to be addressed and improved upon include basic communication skills, interpersonal relationships, stress and fitness management, and professional image development.

#B808     8 CEHs

Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Own Business

This workshop is designed for nurses who are interested in enhancing their career opportunities. Covered is a discussion of entrepreneurship and on being an entrepreneur, specifically as it applies to business opportunities in nursing. Also included are the steps in starting a business, the risks involved, and the necessary strategies for success.

#C803     3 CEHs

Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration

This workshop is designed to increase your awareness of high risk factors of legal exposure and the primary sources of lawsuits as they relate to nursing judgment, safety, medications, documentation, and many other issues. A variety of areas in health care are discussed, and selected court cases are presented. By examining the various types of negligence, you will learn the key elements of "defensive nursing" and risk management to successfully minimize your exposure to negligence and malpractice litigation.

#D806     6 CEHs

Coping With Difficult People

As a member of the health care industry, nurses and other health care providers are in constant contact with a variety of people: patients, patient's families, co-workers, doctors, auditors, vendors, and the like. Not all of these contacts are enjoyable. This workshop is designed to enlighten you about the most common behavior patterns that seem to be most disruptive and frustrating when dealing with other people in everyday situations. Through a high degree of class participation, the seven characteristic types of difficult people are discussed and the six fundamental steps in the coping process are revealed, allowing you to effectively deal with and manage the difficult people in your life.

#E806     6 CEHs

Medical Coding & Billing

This workshop provides an introduction to the basic principles of medical billing and coding as it is used in hospitals, medical clinics, and insurance companies. It includes a detailed discussion of the main reference sources and how to use the effectively. Typical billing situations, as well as unusual and difficult cases, will be covered. Hands-on experience with using ICD-9 and CPT coding is provided.

#F806     6 CEHs

Sexual Harassment and the Evolution of Workplace Standards

One of the most litigated areas of discrimination in today's modern business environment is sexual harassment. This is in spite of companies implementing harrassment policies, and all the peripheral information regarding behavior which should be avoided in the workplace. The information provided in this seminar is structured to develop an awareness of what discrimination, specifically Sexual Harrassment is, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended. The program examines the types of behavior considered offensive, organization's complaint procedure, sexual harassment complaints, policy awareness, analysis of the investigation procedure, documentation, and follow-up. The course also explores various court decisions which have had a major impact on company behavior standards in the last two years.

#G804     4.5 CEHs

Performance Improvement Fundamentals

Performance Improvement is a standard in the healthcare delivery industry. But it isn't just for hospitals anymore. Because of consumer demand for quality accreditation, and their role in healthcare delivery, HMO's, case management companies and other payors and providers are implementing PI programs. The workshop will help you understand what Performance Improvement is and how it is used in various healthcare related settings. You will learn terminology and concepts that will help you carry out various tasks related to Performance Improvement. We will discuss the various quality accreditation organizations, nursing standards of practice that support improvement activities, and outcomes management, the latest in Performance Improvement tools.

#H808     8 CEHs

Legal & Ethical Issues: Pitfalls & Prevention

There can be no doubt that Managed Care has brought more public focus to legal issues in health care than any other changes in the last 20 years. Changes in governmental policy, regulations and legislation directly affect nurses in all types of healthcare settings. Topics such as confidentiality, electronic information management and privacy concerns; Patient Rights and Responsibilities; ERISA and benefit interpretation; arbitration versus litigation against HMO's are all current events impacting our daily practice as nurses.

Pitfalls & Prevention will encourage thoughtful consideration and lively debate about these and other topics brought into sharp focus by Managed Care. Current events, court cases and other writings will be used to facilitate discussion of ethical dilemmas and such topics as right to die, effects of capitation, and distributive justice. This workshop is a must for anyone working with or for Managed Care Organizations. This workshop may also be appropriate for nurses who require classes in ethics as directed by the BRN.

#J808     8 CEHs

Case Management: Concepts, Techniques & Accountability

The field of Medical Case Management is experiencing real growth as a result of its success. There are increasing opportunities for nurses and other health professionals. With the advent of Managed Care, the need for continuity of care has come sharply into focus. The continuity provided by Case Managers focuses on high quality and cost-effective care. Patient, Physician, and employer group satisfaction is a proven benefit of Case Management.

Case Management will provide a working knowledge and understanding of the concepts that are the foundation of Case Management. Process, strategies, and settings will be explained. Techniques used by Case Managers to gain the health, quality, and savings benefits will be demonstrated through the use of dynamic discussion and case presentation. You will experience a practicum in CM process application. This workshop concludes with a look to the future.

#K808     8 CEHs

Worker Compensation Case Management: Return to Work Strategies

Worker compensation carriers, agencies, and employers are requesting more and more Medical Case Management. Many large HMO's are now starting to enter the arena and vie for management of those dollars. This introductory workshop offers an overview of the worker compensation system, including the major players and their roles, the benefits, and the effective use of Case Management.

Return to Work Strategies is intended for those new to the field of Worker Compensation. Basic UM and CM processes will be discussed in relation to California worker compensation laws and terminology. Return to work strategies and cost savings will be reviewed and discussed. In an opportunity to apply newly gained Case Management knowledge, we will analyze selected case scenarios and collaboratively develop a plan of care.

#L808     8 CEHs

Discharge Planning Workshop

While discharge planning has always been important, it has become a critical success factor in today's hospital settings. This workshop is an introduction to Discharge planning, as well as a skills practicum. Students will learn what discharge planning entails, including key concepts, processes and documentation. Other topics will include role and responsibilities, legal issues and daily task examples. Students will have an opportunity to prepare and practice implementation of a discharge plan created in collaboration.

#M806     6 CEHs

Utilization Review: Focus on Basics

Focus on Basics, an introductory workshop, will help participants who are new to managed care and Utilization Review to develop a basic understanding of this important process. Students will gain knowledge of the 3 components of Utilization Review, as well as the processes and application in various settings. Criteria, workflow and legal issues will also be discussed. Plus practical application opportunities will be provided.

#N806     6 CEHs

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