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When considering opportunities for career and professional development, consider Miraflor & Associates (California BRN Provider #06260) for the source of quality continuing education and training. Since 1987, we have been a premier provider of continuing education seminars and workshops throughout California. Miraflor & Associates offers a variety of one-day and multi-day workshops, as well as annual travel/study tours, specifically focused on the latest and most exciting issues in Managed Care and personal & professional growth, including:

  • Total Quality Management
  • Utilization Management / Discharge Planning / Case Management
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Managed Health Care
  • UR and CM in Worker's Compensation
  • Risk Management
  • National Case Management Certification Exam Preparation
  • Quality Improvement and Management
  • Personal and Professional Image Building
  • Management Strategies in Health Care

Our in-service workshops are available for all organizations who recognize the importance of keeping their nurses up-to-date on the latest issues that affect the continuing success of health care providers in today's environment. We can even customize our workshops to fit your exact training needs.

Our workshops are a unique and truly enjoyable experience for many people. Our class sizes are kept small, thereby encouraging a more dynamic and effective group learning experience. The success of the class comes not only from the superior instructors, but from its participants, working together and sharing real-life experiences and practical solutions to problems in the rapidly changing Managed Health Care industry.

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